As a full-service firm, Cohen, Smith & Company, P.A.
offers clients a wide range of interrelated services including:

Our accounting staff provides personal attention and are trained in preparation of meaningful compiled financial statements. On a monthly or quarterly basis, transaction data is utilized to create timely financial statements. As part of statement preparation, we consider underlying trends and potential tax and business planning opportunities. Furthermore, an experienced professional is involved with each and every client. Written communication accompanies most reports, which typically include comparative results with prior periods and comments on unusual transactions noted during statement processing.

In addition to financial statement preparation, we also offer payroll preparation and accounts payable processing. Use of remote access technology allows us to manage company data in a confidential and secure environment. By taking advantage of outsourcing payroll and/or bill paying services, companies can better focus on their core products or services.

Auditing and Review
In its role as independent auditor, Cohen, Smith & Company, P.A. conducts audits of financial statements to determine the propriety of underlying accounting measurements, the fairness of presentation and the adequacy of disclosure within the framework of generally accepted accounting principles. Should a lesser level of assurance be appropriate, we are also experienced in providing reviewed financial statement services.

For a comparison of the differences between compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements, Click Here

Our office is staffed with personnel experienced in all fields of taxation, including individual, corporate, partnership, estates and trusts. One of the primary tax services involves minimizing clients' tax liabilities through effective advance planning.

In addition to tax planning and preparation of federal, state and local tax returns, additional services provided by our tax professionals include:

  • Consulting on tax feasibility of real estate and other business investments
  • Representing clients during revenue agent examinations and through administrative appeals
  • Consultations regarding selection of appropriate business entity
  • Estate, trust and gift tax planning

Management Consulting
Our professionals assist our clients in analyzing business opportunities, problems and making important decisions. Our management consulting services include general business planning, financial planning, succession planning and special projects.

Business Valuation
As experts, we are experienced in applying business valuation methods and standards to value closely-held businesses. We also provide valuation services for gifts in connection with estate planning, as well as required valuation of selected assets included in estate tax returns. Valuations are often required in connection with business purchases or sales, as well as to assist in equitable division of property.

Litigation Support
We also have experience assisting clients and their legal counsel in various matters, including divorce and business disagreements. Mr. Smith and Mr. Brooks have testified and been accepted as expert witnesses in a variety of legal proceedings.

Computer / Software Consulting
We have highly skilled staff members who are knowledgeable in both accounting and software areas. This combination of skills enables our firm to assist in selecting the right accounting software package for your business. We are also able to assist with the set-up of accounting systems and training of employees.



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